Images of Old Hopewell: A Stroll through Town - Now and Then

by Jack Koeppel, Hopewell Valley Historical Society
Presentation for the Hopewell Public Library, April 13, 2016

This presentation highlights Hopewell Borough's special 19th century character by juxtaposing the old with the new. Images from the collection of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society are matched with current views of Hopewell. Some of the photographs show little change, but a few buildings former selves will amaze you.

Today a Historic Preservation Commission protects the 19th century character of the structures, but even prior to its introduction, many of the old homes and businesses had remained relatively intact. The special legacy from the town's past gives the Borough its charming old-time feel today.

Old images that have surfaced through years of collecting and are presented to give the impression of strolling down the street. Starting at the intersection of Broad Street and Greenwood Avenue, images show the street scape today, and then morph into how each structure looked in the past.

Jack Koeppel is a longtime resident of Hopewell Valley, local historian, and current Archivist for the Hopewell Valley Historical Society.

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